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Aw Shuck, Huck

Monday, January 21st, 2008

In my earlier post criticizing Huckabee’s support for the Confederate flag, I surmised that he was appealing to racism through the use of what some consider standard play-book ‘code’ – instead of talking about race directly, you signal your intentions through talk about ‘state’s rights’ or about the ‘pride of the flag.’ Well, it gets worse for the Huck. Apparently, in the past he has not had any qualms about speaking at conventions run by white supremacists.

As someone in a comment to my earlier post put it: “This guy is toast. Sooner or later, no one will (as the movie puts it) heart Huckabee.” (See below for link claiming to rebut the story)


Primaries: What If I Don’t Want Clams?

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

From Dave Barry’s column in the Miami Herald:

The Iowa/New Hampshire system is insane. It’s like a 50-table restaurant with a big, varied menu, except that only two tables are allowed to order. If these two tables order clams, for example, or Michael Dukakis, that’s what gets served to all the other tables.

I have to agree. Why is it so important what two states think? The primary system has always made me shake my head, because it really is a great (and depressing) example of the kind of bandwagon politics so rampant in this country.